Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Philosophical Message from Van Hunt

"The Announced Intellectual Renaissance" 

"I believe that at the essence of high-minded civilization lies the heart of the independent thinker. At no time has society needed so honest an offering as a free man's art and craft-as right now. I have committed myself to a way of life that is uncompromising-and includes nothing malicious, derogatory, frivolous or culturally digressive in the work that I present. 
But, In the past I have passively/ aggressively attempted to sell my music with the brand of 'ghetto music' born out of (and for) the underbelly of Negro society. While the story I painted of my experiences is certainly true, this attempt to paralell my talents with street life was one of desperation. It was a short-sighted and impulsive get my music heard. It was, simply, an insult to myself. the reality is that the origin of my talent remains a gift that comes from a place much older, deeper, richer and more alive than anything that an unfortunate byproduct of our times could ever hope to create. Proper credit to the development of my talent goes to my enablers, my mentors and my own self- determination...not to anything that belies intellect, is demeaning to what culture should aspire to or is lacking in integrity. I shall never again bow down-in any measure-to insecurity, corporate or peer pressure-to do anything other than my very best and most honest. 
I sincerely regret ever having associated myself with the ignorance people have perpetrated upon themselves in the name of survival. I will be the one to qualify what is survival and what is success for me. And, If I am to be one or both, it will be based on the merit of my work alone. 

--Van Hunt" 

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