Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Because it's Informative....

Aside from my blog, the internet has tons of blogs you can read about myriad topics. 

Below are my top five blogs (in no particular order) that I think YOU should read.

-If you want brilliant stories that will make you laugh out loud and the latest movie reivew, celeb interview, or pop culture rolled up in a hilarious ball, Clay has you covered. 

-The journalist Rod McCullom provides the latest news on LGBT culture and headlines from around the world. 

-Black America's daily news source. A website that provides new articles everyday on every angle of black communities. 

-If you want to catch noteworthy Youtube videos, thought provoking art critiques, and fla-out "deep" post, the author, Ernest Hardy, of Bloodbeats Vol 1. & 2. will tantalize your mind.

- I like to know what's going on in my local community and so should you. Check out laist and newyorkist too.

Why should you read these? Like Jada Pinkett Smith said in A Low Down Dirty Shame "Because it's informative..." Check out the clip below, she says it at about 2:28

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