Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Mornings....(The Gone Butterfly)

(The above photo (now titled good morning) is by Mark Corece!)
Good Morning new day, good morning facebook, good morning extra bold starbucks coffee, good morning twitter, good morning yahoo horoscope, good morning 'do these skinny legs make me look too feminine?', good morning 'nah I'm just over-reacting', good morning CNN,  good morning 'damn I don't want to go to work.' Good morning....

A poem to start your day; by me

Remember butterflies?
The ideal ones.
The black and orange ones.

They flicker and flutter around hoping for a taste.
They crowd around one another trying to create a certain effect.

Sometimes butterflies disappear and they are only imagined.
Their being is forged only enough to suffice being.

But when they are present, they hover in one spot pounding, pounding.
Butterflies are mystical.
Butterflies are beautiful orange and black mysteries.

These days we can only, at least, hope for prototypes.
Don't fret, butterflies will get their day again.

The day will be ideal, filled with orange and black dreams.

You wont forget their mystique. 

Remember them?

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