Monday, April 13, 2009

The Core of A Soul: Mark Corece

I'd like to re-enter the blog sphere by telling you about the newness of me. 

I want to provide a space of uninhibited free expression (as free as the internet will allow me to be). I want to present true, honest, unabashed self. Gritty, morning breath, puffy-eyed, inconsistently half-ass me. 90's raised, politically driven, radically minded human me. 

The poetic photographer whose films write stories with acrylic film. The person who is in a relationship with being single and whose spirituality is rooted in love with innate goodness (goodness that gets better with growth). Moody, anti-fad (the antithesis of it) garment artist. An unhealthy vegetarian (who is a healthy carnivore) who eats fruit for snacks. 

The son of a 'Son's Mother' whom he loves dearly. Compassionate about those who crosses his path. A person who will give you a pallet on his floor when he only has one blanket. A person whose name has a dark past and it is truly part of his creative extract.

I am Art, 360.

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