Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Because you need to know...

Some might say we are in a cold war today. Especially in this post-sexual-revolution world we live in. Our rights are up for grabs yet our sentiments and reactions are lackluster. It's important to pick out the allusions in today's writings (knowing our past gets us going elsewhere) and give in to our firey desires to change our current reality; a suicidal, disconnected, "reality" show driven, stagnant world.

Read War Diaries. A book edited by Tisha Bryant and Ernest Hardy(one of my favorite thinkers). It's a book to make sure you "stay woke" and it explores the ins and outs of our human interactions in the most intimate ways possible (at least so far; I'm still investigating it myself). Poetry and Prose. Short and Long. Dense and Deep.

To the battlefield.

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